Setting Frame Rate for Image Sequence Import in Premiere Pro and After Effects

During the last Roadshow many had asked me about setting up Premiere Pro and After Effects to import image sequences at a certain frame rate and change the default which is set to 30 FPS.

Heres how you do it Premiere Pro CC :-

Goto Preferences -> Media -> Intermediate Media Timebase


And for After Effects :-

Goto Edit -> Preferences -> Import -> Sequence Footage


Incase you are using After Effects CC and are facing problems with importing DPX sequences then you might want to take a look at this  :-

Adobe Webinar Recording Nov’11

Hi Guys,

Me and Vyshak ( had conducted  online webinars on Adobe’s Design, Web and Video products.

The links to the recording are below :-

Design Products – (Guru Vaidya) (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

Session 1 – Recording

Web Products – (Vyshak Venugopalan)

Session 2- Recording

Video Products – (Guru Vaidya) (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder)

Session 3 – Recording


Vfx in Premiere Pro










On Thursday, December 16th, Emmy, Hugo, and Telly Award-winning director Tim Kolb demonstrated the comprehensive VFX power of Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Webinar attendees experienced:

• Simulated in-camera effects such as BCC Lens Blur and BCC Motion Blur
• Image retouching techniques with BCC Smooth Tone
• Matching Grain in composites
• Recreating Film Process on footage
• Designing sophisticated transitions with BCC Lens Blur and BCC Swish Pan

Comments from Webinar Attendees
“Very good info. I learned that many of my needs can be fulfilled with Boris Continuum Complete. I will buy soon!”

“Love the webinars… keep them coming!”

“Awesome! Really worth the time.”

“I currently use several Boris Continuum Units. I’m eventually going to get the entire Boris Continuum Complete plug-in suite. Great stuff!”

“Very well done!”

“I thought Boris Continuum Complete was just a snappy name for a VFX product. Turns out each effect is complete in itself with tons of parameters.”

“Really responsive moderator… Thank you!”

You can view this webinar recording by clicking on the link below :-

Stabilizing shots with Mocha for After Effects CS5

I put together a quick tutorial here on how to use Mocha for After Effects CS5 to stabilize shots. Even though there are quite a number of ways to do this (like everything else in Vfx), i think Mocha for AE can be yet another tool to accomplish this task. I intentionally used this shot which was a huge trouble maker in the past (theres one in every film).

Hope this helps

The expressions used in the video can be found below :-

for Rotation:-

rotation * -1

and for Scale :-

x = 10000/scale[0];
y = 10000/scale[1];
[ x, y ];