Whats new in Premiere Pro CC July 2013

One of the benefits of the Adobe Creative Cloud is that you dont need to wait until the next version is shipped to make use of the new features. With CC, the Apps will be updated through the year allowing members access to the latest and greatest.

Its been barely a month since the new CC versions of the Apps were made available and the Premiere Pro team already has an update.

Here are the new and changed features in Premiere Pro CC :-

1. Anywhere for video support

2. Duplicating a title in a sequence creates a new, unique title, which can be independently edited from the original.

3. Lift and Extract can be used when only an In or Out point is set (if only an In is set, Lift/Extract will use the end of the sequence as the Out point; if only an Out is set, the beginning of the sequence will be used for the In point).

4. Copy, Cut, and Clear commands work between In and Out points on targeted tracks when no clips are selected.

5. When a sequence is loaded in the Source Monitor, keyboard shortcuts can be used to navigate to edit points (Up/Down keys by default).

6. Keyboard shortcuts can be used to clear In/Out points on clips in the Project Panel.

7. The Enable Clip command now works as a toggle when multiple clips are selected, such that any disabled clips become enabled and vice versa.

8. The Match Frame command will prioritize a selected clip over a targeted track.

9. The Relink command can now be used on a sequence containing offline media.

10. The Export EDL dialog now contains the option to include or exclude Transitions and the Key Track.

11. The Reveal In Project command now works from the Source Monitor.

12. A preference has been added to select whether or not playback jumps to the beginning of the Timeline or a Clip once the end has been reached.

13. A button has been added to the Timeline Panel to globally Link or Unlink all clips in the sequence.

14. An assignable keyboard shortcut has been added to enable toggling between the Source and Program Monitors.

15. The Reveal In Finder command can now be used on clips in a sequence..

16. A default start timecode value for all new sequences can be set in the Timeline panel.

17. Clips can now be dragged from the Finder or Explorer directly into the Source Monitor.

18. The Match Frame command now works on Nested or Multi-Camera Source Sequences, first matching to the source sequence, then stepping back further to the original master clip used in that source sequence.

19. Offline audio clips are now displayed in red, matching offline video clips.

20. The Source Settings dialog can be accessed by right-clicking on Clips within the Timeline Panel.

21. A preference has been added to allow the Timeline Panel to be automatically focused after an Insert or Overwrite edit is performed.

22. The Auto-Save dialog is suppressed during editing, and auto saves will not occur if no changes have been made to the project.

23. The Tone Settings dialog allows users to set the amplitude and frequency of the Bars and Tone synthetic clip.

24. Closed Captions are displayed on thumbnails in the Captions panel.

25. Options have been added to the Automate To Sequence dialog for Still Clip Duration, giving control over whether still clips use the In/Out range or a specified number of frames per clip (for timelapse workflows).

Source : http://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2013/07/ppro-cc-july-2013-update.html

List of whats new :- http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/using/whats-new-premiere-pro-cc.html

Bug Fixes in Adobe Media Encoder


bugs fixed in closed captions:

  • Timecode started from zero in closed caption sidecar files in some cases in which they should have had non-zero start times.
  • QuickTime movies with embedded closed captions had the wrong frame size in some cases.
  • STL or XML sidecar files for closed captions were not being written when closed captions were embedded in the source files.
  • Exporting and re-importing closed caption sidecar files deleted some characters.
  • Closed captions settings were not retained in Adobe Media Encoder (AME) when the source was a Premiere Pro sequence or a clip with embedded closed captions.

bugs fixed in H.264, MPEG-4, and MPEG-2 exports:

  • H.264 exports were of the wrong duration (longer or shorter) under various conditions.
  • When transcoding a clip to MPEG-4, the exported video frame rate was less than what was specified; the audio duration was correct. This makes the video portion longer than the original.
  • MPEG-2 and MPEG-2 Blu-ray exports failed with some settings.
  • Switching to NTSC from PAL didn’t show the proper frame rate options for some combinations of Profile and Level settings for MPEG-2.
  • When using the Match Source command, the matched Profile/Level values weren’t updated according to the current bitrate until reopening the Export Settings dialog box.
  • Changing the Key Frame Distance property was not recognized as a setting change if the box was checked/unchecked by clicking the text area rather than the box itself.
  • When creating the system encoding preset with Match Source enabled, bitrate sliders were not created with the full range of possible values for the given Profile and Level combination.

other bugs fixed:

  • Incorrect flavor of ProRes files were created because of an error in smart rendering.
  • Garbage characters appeared in Korean and Simplified Chinese on the OK button in the Preferences dialog box.
  • Improvement in inefficient code for RED (.r3d) importer.
  • A .m2v Blu-Ray file exported from Adobe Media Encoder didn’t work in Encore, failing with the error “reached end of stream before finding start code”.
  • Encoding from MPEG-2 source files failed the first time.
  • P2 AVC-Intra media exported from Premiere Pro with drop-frame timecode was imported into Adobe Media Encoder with non-drop-frame timecode.
  • AVC-Intra media exported from Premiere Pro was not being accepted by XTAccess system.
  • Incorrect audio was being encoded at the end of a file.
  • Smart-rendered QuickTime movies with the Animation codec contained video artifacts.

 Manual Downloads

Premiere Pro 7.01 Update Mac: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5601

Premiere Pro 7.01 Update Windows: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5604

AME 7.01 Update Mac: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5606

AME 7.01 Update Win: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5605


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