Premiere Pro CS6 Shortcuts (the not so obvious ones!)

Many users have asked me about some of the FCP shortcuts which are hard to find in Premiere Pro CS6.

So here’s a list of some of the ones that come up quite often :-

1) Open in Source Monitor 

Someone had asked me if it was possible to import clips into the bin and review them in the Source Monitor without double clicking on them. 

No default shortcut is setup for this, hence you need to open the Keyboard Shortcuts panel (Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts) and look for “Open in Source Monitor”. Ive set mine to Ctrl + Enter. 



2) Mark Clips

While working on the timeline, you might need to ripple delete a clip. In the past I would add In and Out points to the head and tail of the clip by using the Up and Down arrow keys and then use the Extract (‘)  function to ripple delete the clip.

You can setup a keyboard shortcut to automatically set an In and Out point to the clip by using the “Mark Clip” option. 




3) Adding Clip Markers to Clips 

Many editors using Premiere Pro don’t realize that you can add markers to clips directly on the timeline instead of double clicking them and loading them onto the Source Monitor and then adding the markers. 

You will need to setup a Keyboard Shortcut for this, and will need to look for “Add Clip Marker” command in the Keyboard Shortcut panel.

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