List of Free Plugins for Premiere Pro

Here’s the list of  free downloadable plugins for Premiere Pro (Mac / Win)  :-

Premiere Pro Title File Creator

Use this utility to create multiple title files from a single template title file and a text file of title text.

Creative Impatience 

Feathered Crop :-

Vignette                :-

Red Giant Software 

Magic Bullet LUT Buddy 1.0 :-

Magic Bullet Quick Looks Free :-

Magic Bullet Colorista Free  :-


HQ Transitions :-

Core Melt (Mac only)

5 free plugins that will really help some FCP editors that have swapped over feel a little more at home.

Advantages of Active Text for Premiere Pro editors

  1. Pre-animated Templates, no keyframes required, automatically adjust themselves to the lengths of your clip
  2. Duplicate a title just by copy / pasting on the timeline, no need to enter the title editor.
  3. Familiar workflow for those that have changed from other editors

CoverFlux 2 (Mac Only)

We have all seen the gorgeous scrolling image carousel that iTunes and Finder uses. CoverFlux reproduces that slideshow effect for still images, producing movies & project files for Final Cut Pro 7, FCPX, Motion, Final Cut Express, Adobe Premiere CS6 & After Effects. (OSX)

FX Factory Manifesto (Mac Only) (Pr + Ae)

Free static title and tile roll/crawl generators.

FX Factory Pan and Zoom (Mac Only)  (Pr + Ae)

Create the photo animation style made popular by Ken Burns.

FX Factory Star Titler (Mac Only)  (Pr + Ae)

Simulate opening titles from the 1977 Star Wars movie.

FX Factory Barcode (Mac Only) (Pr + Ae)

Simulate EAN-13 barcodes.

FX Factory Data Pop Free ( Mac Only) (Pr + Ae)

Free Infographic titles

FX Factory CoverFlux( Mac Only) (Pr + Ae)

A Coverflow-style slideshow generator.

FX Factory PiPinator Free ( Mac Only) (Pr + Ae)

Simple-to-use picture-in-picture effect.

FX Factory Random Text ( Mac Only) (Pr + Ae) 

Random text generator.

Jarle’s Free Presets for Premiere Pro  (MAC / WIN)  :-

Ill keep updating this as I come across more plugins.

Please feel free to include more in the comments section below.



  1. hello, actually i got problem from many tym of smooth slowmotion in premier cs6, it is not counting inbetweens after 40 % slow rate of video, so wht can i do for dat??? pl suggest.(i have already used twixtor plug in, but still problem occuring.)

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