Adobe Webinar Recording Nov’11

Hi Guys,

Me and Vyshak ( had conducted  online webinars on Adobe’s Design, Web and Video products.

The links to the recording are below :-

Design Products – (Guru Vaidya) (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

Session 1 – Recording

Web Products – (Vyshak Venugopalan)

Session 2- Recording

Video Products – (Guru Vaidya) (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder)

Session 3 – Recording




  1. Hi Guru,
    I attended last 3 roadshows in Kolkata from cs4 to cs5.5 held in 2011
    and get to know Adobe much better.

    I am working on a HD documentary project and using Adobe Premiere CS5.The footage has been shot in P2 cam and Canon 60D.Now can you plz suggest me the settings from which I can export the highest quality video without much compression just using the software.I hope you got my point.Be it any format, I just want the highest quality output from it.

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