RED Epic Post Workflow


So as per RED, this is the answer to the professional’s wildest dreams and exists as the most sophisticated and capable camera ever engineered and built. It has the most advanced processor of its type in the world, enabling it to capture up to 120 frames per sec, each frame at full 14MP resolution. Its engineered to be a Digital Still and Motion Camera. It provides a native dynamic range of over 13 stops and resolution that exceeds 35 mm motion picture film.

For more information check out

Peter Jackson purchased 30 for these for filming “The Hobbit” in 3D.

   Post Production 

Adobe Premiere Pro Cs5.5, Adobe After Effects CS5.5 and Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 can accept native footage from this camera. You would need to download an update from here  (

   New Features

  •  – The ability to rotate and flip footage based on the camera orientation flag in R3D metadata
  •  – R3D Source Settings dialog now supports Echo port in Premiere Pro
  •  – Increased size of RED R3D Source Settings dialog on larger monitors
  •  – HDR Track selection and HDR Blend support
Vincent Laforet has recorded a video showcasing this in action within Premiere Pro and After Effects :-

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