DSLR’s – the future of Cinema

I had recently shot a case study with folks over at FX School who had worked on a feature film with one of Bollywood‘s leading film director Ram Gopal Verma. The film was shot using Canon 5D M2’s and was edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects was used for the Vfx. I will post the link to the case study here once completed.

DSLR‘s have started to make a prominent dent in the chassis of the technologically fast pacing video and film industry. I mean lets face it, they are relatively cheaper, easy to use and portable. Yeah, sure there are concerns with audio, rolling shutter effect and over heating issues but then these are just the first generation of many to come. The next generation will most probably tackle most of these issues. Infact whats amazing is that some videographers decided to take the reins in their own hands and have come out with custom firmwares and workarounds to deal with these concerns. Like the magic lantern firmware below :-

You can download and install this firmware from the following link :


Be careful though and read through the install process before doing this yourself. You could damage your camera. I managed to get this working on my 550D without any hassles. There are some bugs in it but I would rather make peace with them than not use it at all.

One of Bollywoods leading post studio in Bombay has also seen an elevation in the adoption of DSLR’s for film. I was told that almost 35% of the work awarded to them is shot using DSLR’s and this has grown from being ziltch last year.

Technicolor‘s color scientists and engineers spent the last 12 months developing CineStyle along with Canon. As per Technicolor this development is to respond to the industry demand from cinematographers for enhanced flexibility in capturing images with Canon cameras.

CineStyle provides better dynamic range of the captured content. So I think its akin to the log files that are generated when a film is scanned but in this case the files are already digital. The extra dynamic range would allow for a lot of latitude while color grading shots or compositing cg elements against live action.

For someone like Technicolor to invest that kind of time and money into this gives your an idea of how seriously they are looking at DSLR post production.

Heres a NAB video showcasing Technicolor’s Joshua Pines explaining the new Cinestyle developed for Canon HDDSLR’s.

Those interested in CineStyle can download it from here 

The only ones threatened by this whole digital conduit are the film distributors who could be expelled due to the popularization of digital projections. Film as a medium for distribution will be  passe’.

At the end of it all lets face it, the audience could care less if the film was shot using a $800 dslr camera or a $111000 Arriflex, what really matters to them is the story and the entertainment value!


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