Stabilizing shots with Mocha for After Effects CS5

I put together a quick tutorial here on how to use Mocha for After Effects CS5 to stabilize shots. Even though there are quite a number of ways to do this (like everything else in Vfx), i think Mocha for AE can be yet another tool to accomplish this task. I intentionally used this shot which was a huge trouble maker in the past (theres one in every film).

Hope this helps

The expressions used in the video can be found below :-

for Rotation:-

rotation * -1

and for Scale :-

x = 10000/scale[0];
y = 10000/scale[1];
[ x, y ];



  1. I’m having some confusion here. If my shot has a quick zoom in/out pan etc., do I need to dice it up into smaller bits before exporting to mocha? The clip I’m trying to stabilize is shot with an iphone, converted to DNXhd for ease of editing/processing, and is a closeup of an insect on the ground using the iphone built in torch as a light source. A couple of times I was shaky with my balance and brought the camera back and forth as I took a step, effectively losing the track subject from the frame entirely for a moment at a time. In this instance, should I cherry pick only the section I really want to use, or can I get this result using the entire clip and thusly not having to edit/export my clips again as smaller ones?

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