Dashwood Cinema Solutions — “Stereo3D Toolbox”

Thanks to the folks over at Dashwood Cinema Solutions for providing me with an evaluation copy of Stereo3D Toolbox plugin for After Effects. Ive been working with this plugin since the past 2 weeks and think its quite apt for Stereo work.

Stereo3D Toolbox is also available as a plugin for Final Cut Pro and Motion.

Heres a screen shot of the plugin within After Effects

The Stereo3D Clip Coupler is used to mux two streams of stereo video. The Clip Coupler plug-in, as with all the plug-ins in the Stereo3D suite, can be applied to an already pre-existing multiplexed stereo pair (left & right video files married together) that is any number of 3D formats (side-by-side, over-under, etc) as well as be applied to a single left or right eye file and then be coupled with the correct adjacent left or right video clip.

Stereo 3D Geometry provides a more comprehensive way to edit and manipulate all measures of Stereoscopic depth & geometric disparities. It allows for percentage-based corrections, which is crucial when working with proxies of full-resolution 2k & 4k footage as all corrections made will still have the same stereoscopic effects on the native footage. Any disparities in camera alignment at the point of acquisition can be corrected with the Geometry plug-in down to a sub-pixel level and be outputted and viewed in a wide variety of formats.

Stereo3D Ghost Toaster can be used to remove “ghosting” which is caused when there is leak of the left image into right eye and the right image leaks into the left. When this occurs the viewer will see a faint double image around objects within the scene. This occurs most often in high contrast areas of the picture and will create retinal rivalry, as there are severe disparities and asymmetries between the images.

Stereo3D Image Balance can be used to adjust color, white balance and exposure.

Stereo3D Monitor Scaler included with Stereo3D Toolbox “LE” and full version allows you to use desktop and legacy monitors that may not have the same pixel dimensions as your source footage.
For example, the Hyundai IT 22″ 3D monitor (W220S) has pixel dimensions of 1680×1050.  In order to show 1920×1080 material on it in 3D we must scale down the outputs but maintain perfect line-by-line precision using the Stereo3D Monitor Scaler filter.

Stereo3D Text Generator can be used to generate 3d Stereo text.

Stereo3D Virtual Floating Windows :- Virtual Floating Windows (VFW) is a fairly recent and strong stereoscopic tool used in the postproduction process. Keeping a 3D scene within constraints the screen plane to preserve and maintain the viewing window can be a very difficult and a limiting task. If stereoscopic window violations are not addressed then they will disrupt the viewer’s 3D viewing experience. By “floating the window”, the screen plane can be shaped and formed, pushed and pulled in and out of 3D space in every direction.Virtual Floating Windows are achieved adding black masks on the sides of the either the left or right images. Masking the sides changes the apparent depth position of the screen but does not affect the distance and depth placement of objects within the scene. Virtual Floating Windows are a great way to mask stereoscopic window violations, when a subject enters the scene in negative parallax (off the screen, towards the audience). By bringing the perceived location of the screen in front of subject, the violation no longer occurs, as it is acceptable to enter a scene from behind the window, in positive parallax.

Stereo3D Z-Depth Map is designed for converting 2D+Z-Depth Map CGI renders to stereoscopic 3D. The Depth Map filter can also be used to create custom rotoscoped depth maps in After Effects or Motion for 2D to 3D dimensionalization processes.

Heres a video that shocases the Z-Depth Map filter in action :-

A feature overview video

Download the trial from the following link :-


For those new to 3D Stereoscopy, theres a nice article by Tim Dashwood called ” A Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Stereoscopic 3D” that can be found at the following link :-



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