Ask a CS Pro Sessions —> the motherload!!

Those of you who missed these series of “Ask a CS Pro” sessions can take a look at them by clicking on the links below.

Tips and techniques “straight from the horses mouth”  😉

CS5 Features with Greg Rewis, Terry White and Jason Levine (Session held on 5/21/2010)

Getting Started with Premiere Pro CS5 with Filmmaker Dave Basulto (Session held 7/01/10)

Creating Multiscreen Content with Flash Pro with Paul Trani (Session held 7/23/10)

Photoshop CS5 Features with Bryan O’Neil Hughes (Session held 8/20/10)

Accelerating the Review Process with CS Review with Patti Sokol (Session held 8/27/10)

InDesign CS5: Beyond the Top Ten Features with David Blatner (Session held 9/10/10)

HTML5 & CSS3 in Dreamweaver CS5 with David Powers (Session held 9/24/10)

Premiere Pro & Photoshop CS5 Extended for DSLR video shooting with Richard Harrington (Session held 10/01/10)

Produce, Publish and Promote a Video Podcast with Creative Suite 5 with Mike McHugh of Creative Sweet TV (Session held 10/08/10)

Ask a CS Pro: Flash Catalyst with Tanya Heins (Session held 10/15/10)

Ask a CS Pro: Fireworks CS5 for Designers & Developers with David M. Hogue (Session held 10/20/10)

Ask a CS Pro: From Adobe® InDesign® to the Apple iBookstore with Anne-Marie Concepcion (Session held 10/29/10)



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