Switch to Premiere Pro

A veteran FCP user Chris Fenwick had recently switched over to Premiere Pro CS5 and is blogging his learnings.

First he listed his reasons for switching over. Heres a conveniently selected 😉 excerpt from his blog (http://chrisfenwick.com/switch)  :-

I said that FCP 7 was my bell weather. If it let me down I was seriously gonna think about changing… It let me down in a MAJOR way and i stuck around for another year. But now, after spending a few weeks with Premiere Pro CS5… (don’t leave that part off.. CS5) I got to tell you, I think this thing has legs and if I get a chance to run some ideas up a few flagpoles and have a bit of a say… that would be wonderful.

So, you guys do what you want. I’m sure there will be versions of FCP coming out for a while… (I would bet I could predict the next release within a 45 day window but I won’t tell you as to not incriminate anyone.) But I’m thinking about MORE than today, I’m also thinking about tomorrow.”

He has also started posting various (updated regularly) tutorials on Premiere Pro CS5 :-

3 things unique in Premiere Pro http://chrisfenwick.com/home/2010/10/2/x2ppro-013-3-unique-things-in-premiere-pro.html
3 things Premiere Pro can do http://chrisfenwick.com/home/2010/10/2/x2ppro-012-3-things-i-found-in-premiere-pro-cs5.html
3 things Premiere cant do (which he hopes will be fixed in the future) http://chrisfenwick.com/home/2010/10/2/x2ppro-014-3-things-premiere-pro-cant-do.html

He has also created a sort of Premiere Pro 101 for FCP users that are new to Premiere Pro :-

Chris is just one of several FCP users who have switched over to Premiere Pro.
I guess the most obvious question that comes to mind is “ What are you waiting for?”


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